Zhengzhou wedding portrait of the five big

    the back is the content covered in the categories mentioned above, one of the largest categories, its most widely used, which rely on prop stand or diagonal I there will not go into the standing position, merely because it says you can have tens of thousands of, the most important thing is to understand its core essence, done by analogy.
    attention: avoid
    01, "1", there are also see in the photo was a dull feeling, for the most part are not suitable for, this movement is dead, this time to focus more on one foot, foot relax natural slash. Solving this is breakthrough didn't cause "junzi".
    02, reduce the number of purely positive "junzi" positive posture is very common, but the angles and positions must not stand "junzi", and some do not understand why, and shoot it out only to find enough icing images lack a sense of depth and space, when we must learn to "destroy" image space.
    03, and check upper and lower logic relationship, front mentioned has now many customer like natural of action, its "natural" action just general concept, as long as looks not so affectation can, meet action exists of logic, then you to from Shang fell, from Xia to Shang of check whole action, like a hands mention with wedding forward of action, must to check feet Shang action, waist action, hands action and head action and so on.

    This action in relation to the front of the stand, less flexibility, this limitation is that there must be a point of relying on, reducing the possibility of change, of course, has a great deal of good posture is what new tension reduction, can lead to better capture their feelings.
    need to pay attention to problems being seated:
    01, slightly fat should substantially increase the range of motion, otherwise it is easy to look fatter.
    02, do not make the upright, it will make the coordination of the hands and feet, and even facial expressions reduced is not very natural.
    03, sitting movements for each joint is critical, like right leg, knee twist angle.
    04, action note that being seated as the proportion of friends divided, there is no absolute standard, which focuses on Visual balance (say straightforward point is to look comfortable).

    This action basically most of the divisions used in the filming, but the proportion is unlikely, because the performance limitations of this large, I will not go into here, you should pay attention to the choice of camera angle.

lay/lie Zi:
    in fact, this kind of action in shooting when using a bit more commonly used to couple quietly lying on the grass, and rely on each other to enjoy the moment similar sensation. Filming must pay attention to the composition of a picture, many accidentally shot into a flat line, you must pay attention to.

other class actions:
    This part during the filming of the difficulty will increase, such as running, jumping, kneeling, appears in the shooting process, but because their pure snap a chance, there is no detailed explanation, please in the usual filming experience.

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