The wedding with a fixed-focus lens

     saying in said "lens is Division are of eyes", does so, different of lens will to we of colleagues are to with not as of Visual senses, as lens of select will according to each a a of habits and different, some shooting just 20mm-70mm lens foot also, also some like with 70-200mm, but on I personal shooting habits,, compared like with set Coke lens, here does not means set Coke lens good is, After all, there are many different styles, in some style in front of the camera has a special request today, I personally use habits and the share of fixed-focus camera in portrait use.

    first I here short of to members line of colleagues are introduced about set Coke lens, "set Coke" this a noun can is clear of told members, this is a fixed focal length of lens, only a Coke paragraph, we in of daily customer shooting process in the, if to wants to change composition of vision, on only relies on change shooting who Yu was shooting who Zhijian of distance, will on of using brings some trouble, but set Coke lens also has itself of special advantage, In the manufacture of various lenses, fixed-focus camera because there is only one focal length, lens blade is fixed, will make the maximization of image quality, the most stable, usually fixed-focus lens and a zoom lens compared with the levels, better image quality and speed advantage.

    location scene open, picture in the will appeared some we not need of things, to damage has picture sense, then need put these not should appeared in in the of things on need removed, however location and impossible to change scene, we only adapted scene, so we on need reason set Coke lens itself of maximum advantage is depth small, background virtual of capacity strong features put these not should in picture in the of virtual of off, Sure to have friend problems, fixed-focus Lens Blur is too strong, we need to blur not do? This small aperture, of course it will affect the shutter speed and colleagues all teachers do not have to worry too much, fixed-focus camera sensitive than many Jiao Qiang (sibling lenses), so reducing the aperture shutter speed as a result of impact will not be significant.

     Zhengzhou wedding Studio shadow shed shooting when set Coke lens exists must of limitations, shadow shed scene not is open, sometimes encountered mobile distance of limit, may will led to part composition gave up, however everyone don't forget has, 50mm shooting can't of scene 35mm may is easily Oh, this also has limited, is to for once lens, I in of years practice in the obtained of conclusion, Currently these youth are like of style no longer is yiqian that picture elegant, but chase a fresh natural, and a relax pleasure of mood State, then we need capture of is that State and feel, and not put all are performance of clear, especially need records small picture in the of small mood small expression Shi, small depth of advantage will greatly upgrade, even you in shadow shed need took some depth is big, picture before and after King clarity high of photos, also is easily, shadow shed light is can think change, Aperture can be narrowed to the F20, so is very easy to clear.

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