Bride getting worse about actions

    cover small belly
hips hand blocking the small bellies, even though "no waist ~" just drop your waist "twist"!
not only bend curve, with lovely face, not only quality but also no lack of sense of humor, was to appear more attractive waist curve, figure on the bride sitting on the table, people forward, bouffant skirt, small belly covered up very well. Put handrails shake that ass
      the bride's action seems to be very lazy, it needs some "internal forces" secretly on shoulders, waist, hips, to twist such a curve. Could put some hard, but tight muscles and perfect curves, will slim Oh!
relative to the front of the leisurely, more demure in this picture, is more suitable for wearing a wedding dress when shooting. If you can't force strengths like ice, you can learn the models the head slightly to one side, will cover off the nasty double chin Oh, let the wedding looks very sweet great charm!

want to modify font modification arm and shoulder arm and shoulder fat MM must select a font of wedding dresses, more stiff material, color more stable design. Effect of a sheltered arm flab, and double shoulder meat can be modified and, in addition, high waist design can make the fat at the waist hide, elongated torso ratio, vertical hemline design, draw the shape that allows the body to highlight the line.

      high waist paragraph undoubtedly is fat bride of no II select
high waist of wedding undoubtedly is fat MM of no II select, somewhat loose of wedding only will let fat MM body looks more of expansion sense, but also cannot selected special close body of style, so-called of loose just material Shang of pointed is, design Shang of simple, avoid cannot is yarn quality.

wedding photography in Zhengzhou make summary: If the waist and hips more meat, you can select decorative hem dress less, this best selling points focus on the upper body, especially the waist above the site, the bride is thin.

such as waist line could be in the middle of the chest and waist, loins of meat so that you can be hidden beneath the skirt. You can choose waist wedding dress or gown trimmed with lines, can reduce obesity by visually, because lines using obesity long, so there is less fat.
    wedding photo fat, what should we do, once in a lifetime wedding photos of sloppy? We cannot allow ourselves to not only fatter at the wedding and want to make it look thin, beautiful, spiritual! Zhengzhou below wedding photography editor for the bride-to-be can pay more attention to those models posing in the magazine POSE.
      raised her skirt can be described as meticulous, maximize skirt volume, with the photographer successfully captured on, let big skirts full and layered, so that will make the bride look thin and all of a sudden no longer bloated!

      hands up Chin
      This action may all photo set from an early age, but if the wedding dress gloves, it feels totally different, for those who face shape is not symmetrical or the face of MM, use this pose can shade out small defects.
in a field surrounded by beauty, strike a pose not trying too hard, otherwise it will seem a bit contrived. Wedding photography in Zhengzhou Chin's hand buy the bride relax nature, can also prevent double chins and big round face "appearance".

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