Wedding photography tips

    a, and wedding photography of style classification
1. bright aesthetic type (1) pursuit aesthetic of performance, (2) using various soft light shooting, (soft light box, and scattering light) (3) as avoid shadow of appeared, (positive flat) (4) was photo who of level transition flat, (5) icing * was photo who itself of structure features and makeup processing to completed (6) special note color of bright saturated, (7) Note picture of clean elegant, (8) Emphasizes the romantic style, (9) beauty to be pretty lively, (which is our judgment characteristic of beautiful wedding dresses and standards. )
2.-tone (1) pursuit of perfect reproduction of tone effect. (2) lighting to highlight the characters sense of depth, layering, and (3) special attention to the distribution of light. (4) lighting of light quality, intensity, direction, and brighter than the particularly demanding.
3. emotional (1) subjective consciousness of this style of photography is very strong. (2) the photographer shooting my inspiration and emotion is very important. (3) free and varied, creative, eclectic. (4) attitude does not intentionally, not artificial, personalized, and randomness. (5) art than a commercial element, and more for artistic creation, offbeat, and fashion photography.

       two, bright white points
1. beautiful makeup styling
2. bright light conditions (1) luminous intensity, more beautiful photos (2) glow larger, more beautiful photos and (3) the subject distance, the greater, more beautiful photos.
3. bright colors with (1) the subject itself enough to color saturation (2) background color is saturated enough, (3) there is enough color contrast (4) color have enough brightness.

       three other points
1. bright colour – contrast colors.
2. full framing the composition – full use of film, to the main details and full performance.
3. romantic beauty--warm, and love forever.
4. beautiful post production, pre-perfect combination of shooting and post production.

       four, and white yarn of shooting points
1. veil of role (1) can coordination body of proportion (2) can block defects (3) can auxiliary composition (4) can landscaping hairstyles (5) is white yarn shooting in the of essential headdress
2. drag tail of pendulum method and using skills (1) different form of drag tail has different of pendulum method. (2) behind the tail is generally placed in the character, naturally. (3) who poses for the tail-shaped triangles, circles, ellipses, arc. (4) when the long trailing wedding, whole body composition can be made into a banner, not only took long tail full, strip view and better shooting, more commonly used for exterior of white yarn.
3. hand application of flower (1) occlusion defects (2) balanced composition (3) enrich image (4) Express
4. skills use of props (1) adding and subtracting. (2) not subject, deny. (3) the characters that stand out, not distracting. Contact
5.POSE fashion harmony (1) POSE with the character. (2) clothing features strengthen the expressive POSE. (3) POSE with the same type of clothing, such as lively, fashion, elegance and glamour.
6. White yarn also available stereo light (1) General stereo cloth light method (five lamp) main lamp + auxiliary lamp + end of lamp + sent lamp + background lamp (2) innovation stereo cloth light method (five lamp) main lamp + anti-plate + Dome light + end of lamp + sent lamp + background lamp features: economic practical, and texture good, and icing strong, and anti-plate area big, and light transition natural.
7. indoor shooting to note some of the white yarn (1) white dress size and body proportions to fit, tall hair, short hair, short, fat people hair tied high, tied to block forward face, thin people don't block too much hair. (2) with close hair mask to one side of the lens, usually double-sided shielding. (3) clothing with reasonable
8. white film lighting elements (1) lighting * almost as much as possible subjects (2) lighting should be transferred to all optical (3) soft box size is not too small, rushes towards the customer face. (4) double wedding * should be used when light (5) soft box should be seen as a light source, light and ground level that we can imagine.
9 ... white photograph exposure control (1) the control light on the face and clothing than 1.5:1 (2) hair: the face of 2:1 (3) background: the face is 1:1 or 2:1 (4) highlight faces: low-light face is 2:1

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