Wedding maid of honor you must know 10 common sense

groomsmen bridesmaids is the company and representatives of the couple. Maid of honor can be said to be a wedding was an important figure in the working group. Usually, the couple will hire a maid of honor bridesmaid, was asked to 6-12 his girlfriend or sister, one was the maid, others call it "with marriage" or "maid". If you are a first-time bridesmaid, not clear what are bridesmaid, with Zhengzhou Xiao Hai photography wedding photography club here to learn bridesmaid's specific workflow!
1, on the Internet looking for bridesmaid work related considerations and wedding process, considerations, be aware of the process of wedding.

2, and bride meet agreed time and places to stay and the hotel location (finalized a week before marriage)

3, reported on time to the bride's family, with the bride missing items (such as flower arrangement on the head), may be some decorations, can see the groom and best man best. Must pay attention to communicate at this time, the bride has been busy passing out, bridesmaid to be awake, ask the prepared ready not, cigarettes, candy, fake wine, toast sprinkled petals of ladies, some firecrackers of gentlemen, champagne, candle holders are not, sound tried didn't, moderator not ... ...

4 monitor the bride drinking before bed, remind the bride to bed early. Before going to bed alarm on, stuff to use classifications place it in a visible place.

5, the night the bride wore a wedding dress, a dress bridesmaid is familiar with the process, and second, to find brides to find the feeling. Best to wear wedding dress underlay a cloth to prevent friction of the dress with static electricity attracts dust on the ground.

6, the next morning, earlier than the bride for a while, get ahead of her to wash. When washing in the bride, Maid of honor should hurry up herself (makeup artist bridesmaid makeup JM much easier, some brides to the Studio of bridesmaid will fit), not too thick, pit or something face acne cover on the line, false eyelashes, wigs can kiss it good-bye.

7, and in bride makeup during, bridesmaid main task a is finishing himself of clothes and makeup capacity, II is check bride to with of items, as: capitatum, jewelry, whether are loaded good, most important of is convey and completed bride of the instruction, as: bride wants to water--pour; bride wants to someone--called; groom to phone--received; makeup Division busy not came--Shang...... In short, to "screw" spirit--where needed where. &Nbsp;    

8, and groom jieqin Shi, resorted to stops block he (time allows can more bewilders about), asked of problem, mention of requirements more demanding more good, if with to of no elders, let groom find shoes to bride shoes don't less (a only on enough), because to bride shoes Shi, bride face Shang happiness of expression really of is moving (may life on this once).

9, after getting off the float, there will be many confetti sprinkled on the new body, time to clean up. Before the ceremony started, to check again the bride's makeup (makeup artist would facilitate matters). Wedding photography group in Zhengzhou tell you the timely delivery of required goods to bride dressing rooms. (Sometimes the bride's family)

10, paper napkins, cosmetics, diamond ring into a small handbag in the belt, go to the bride's side prepare for admission.

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