How to choose suitable wedding dress

1, Princess wedding dress features: layers of yarn + Tutu, make the bride look lovely without losing the little woman love.  This style is suitable for a variety of shape mm.  
is suitable for: Petite thin brides can choose a high waist design, make lines stretch of the legs.   Chest full of brides can select deep neckline or v-shaped neck, make the neck look longer.
2, Pont-skirt: this traditional style of wedding dress features a fitted bodice, tight waist and full skirt. Waist line just under the waist or slightly lower, even to locations close to the hips.  This style of dress is equipped with shaped petticoat.
is suitable for: hourglass or busty brides.  Select long sleeve styles or v-shaped waistline, the effect will be even better.  Chest full of brides.  
not fit: Petite bride, too-big skirts can make you appear more stature.   Body slim, and busty brides.
3, personal-type: This dress is simple, close-fit cut narrow pendulum body curve design without petticoats. Mostly in silk Georgette, crepe, etc with a sense of a better drooping fabric. Personal wedding can be said to be all the wedding styles, most prominent built and one of the most modern cutting styles.  In the knee or slightly lower open up the Fishtail skirt wedding dress is the most common variant in this dress.  
is suitable for: tall bride, can be a good way of charming curves.  Petite brides.  
not fit: lower body than upper body full of many brides.   Don't want to show too much body curve of the bride. 4, Queen: the high waist line is the most distinctive feature of this dress.  Chest fits snugly, hemlines were micro-a-shaped, fully demonstrated the line of the shoulders and chest, waist and hips also good conceal effect.  
is suitable for: than little bride.  Waist-hip more busty bride wants to slightly more relaxed style wedding dress mother of the bride.  
is not suitable for: is relatively tall bride. Boobs busty bride enough.
Select a wedding dress by collar shape style tube top dress
is relatively common, due to the tube top style always give the feeling of a grand, noble, is the first choice for many brides.    Because this style is suitable for a variety of figure bride, then focus the way not suitable for brides in shape.  
not suitable for upper arms & underarm part meat more mm.  Boobs busty mm enough. Strapless style compared to chest, is lively, if the bride-to-be wanted to expose their sexy but doesn't want to look too mature, select strapless style will be your wise choice. This bride also fit a variety of body styles.  Otherwise noted: chest not plump bride, is right to select strapless style.  
not suitable for upper arms & underarm part meat more mm.   Mm too full in the chest.  
one shoulder dress
always a good girl feeling so many exquisite little brides choose this style.   
is suitable for: thin exquisite bride.   
is not suitable for: shoulder wide girl.   Mm smaller in the chest.   
V neck wedding dresses v neck styles can block your pork shoulder and upper arm, and neck is long and slender.   
is suitable for: buxom mm.   
not fit: skinny bride and bride and smaller in the chest.
shoulder wedding dresses to sexy and yet lively feel. Many Maverick girls would choose this style.   But choosing this style wedding dress must pay attention to tailoring and exquisite workmanship, if not cut properly, shoulder pulled too tight or too loose will affect the result of the entire chest, there will even be embarrassing bias to one side of the chest.   
is suitable for: shoulder mm wide and straight.   Boobs busty brides.   
not fit: narrow shoulders.   Mm smaller in the chest.
collar wedding dress: custom collar wedding dress of the bride not many, many girls feel collar wedding dress ladies enough, sexy enough, it is not lively enough. But mm super thin figure, select collar wedding dress will wear out an unexpected effect.   If you only 70 several pounds, than bone sense beauty also to thin Shang a circle, so please select collar wedding try try's
for Yu: figure high thin type MM
not for: full type, figure more short type MM
t: If you is shape small, and Zhang with a Zhang baby face of bride, that select t of wedding again right but has.
is suitable for: tall, exquisite bride.   (Baby face does not suit through to sexy wedding dress of the bride).   
is not suitable for: figure is relatively high, very busty brides.
brought selected wedding dresses, the most distressing is the body fat of mm, always hoping to pick a can not only block the fleshy upper arms and hide large breasts of a wedding dress.   Then we'll think about square collar wedding dress.   
is suitable for: XL MM.   
not fit: Slim-MM.
Halter wedding dresses: the Halter is made up of small v-back (open to the middle of the spine, about underwear band location) and the large v-back (revealing the entire back to the waist, or tailbone, Khan first one). V suitable for sizes MM, as long as not a lot of meat on your back, you can wear this style. But large v-back may not be so easy, first you have to have a nice shoulder blade, then cannot have a tire around your waist, your shoulders should be flat. The shoulder is slanted due to the perennial back-bag MM should give up this chance to reveal a waist myself ~ ~ ~ BACK
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