Practice before the wedding emotions and actions

&Nbsp;  to shoot the wedding, wedding considerations are there? How to set a wedding pose? In order to shoot the perfect wedding is important to practice facial expressions before shooting! Wedding photography by Zhengzhou below teach everyone to practice expressions and actions before the wedding, a good look at the article!
    photos, wedding photography in Zhengzhou analysis before
    took out the successes and failures of the photo comparison, where is the difference. Purpose is to summarize the point of view of look good and bad angle pose. &Nbsp;    
    II, Zhengzhou wedding photo tell you do the exercise
    face in the mirror, multiple angles himself, looked up and good-looking head looks perfect, positive good 3/4 side looks perfect, smiling, laughing, which seriously looking and me still a wide-eyed look, Better eyes eyes look good in the middle and corners. Eyebrows, pick a nice, relaxed look. , Of course, is a comprehensive, integrated look. Remember you especially suitable for face (and even written down). Remember this photo as far as possible to avoid, which is not only good for your photo, any photo opportunity is useful for the future.
    as the whole body. Pose in front of the mirror angle pose, mimic some magazine model. To understand the characteristics of your own body. Broad shoulders, no waist mm would have to avoid shooting, coarse avoid side arm body close-up, and so on. Everyone is different, to their own research.
    three standing, Zhengzhou wedding photography portrait
    standing poses are the most common attitude of portrait photography, standing like to fully show body lines, beauty, posture much more freedom. Pose posture one should pay attention to the following points:
    a, the subjects of which stood straight, cross or other leg free lift up slightly, stand the legs do not bend, lift a leg to keep the body flat and constant. Set the leg is placed well above the body part of the premise.
    b, subjects in the head, chest, hips are generally not in a straight line. Thread forming curves or s line of the body.
    c, head, chest, hips, forming blocks of flat should normally not be a plane. Example: chest piece when forward, to the side of the face, such as: chest lateral hip turn positive to positive.
    four, Zhengzhou portrait
    wedding photography sitting posture like limitations relative standing portrait of some, but can sit a graceful curve, also help to eliminate the anxiety of subjects. Sitting in with the camera at a 45-degree angle to a sitting position as a benchmark, divide into oblique lateral seat, back seat and side back seat three. More than down the angle of torso to distinguish, they could be divided into a right angle sitting, obtuse and acute angle posture being seated, if placed style subdivision with legs crossed, can be divided into thighs, both hand and leg. While shooting seated portrait should pay attention to the following aspects:
   , sitting like a suitable for a static expression, expression of subjects should be restrained, containing animals.
    b, on the subjects of joints is a key part. Under normal circumstances. Positive posture photos is seldom used, because the knee rushed to the scene, and legs is short and awkward. BACK
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