Friend didn't shoot the wedding look

Photos that day, I have no experience, ate breakfast out of the head to dry out. One out, Wow! Is there a mistake, it's raining, no way, make an appointment, see wife excited canceled the idea of no umbrella rushed (-! Tension). Arrived on the scene after paying through the waiter helped us introduce the makeup artist (my wife and I) started helping his wife make up. Apply makeup after a few minutes I saw the wife it suddenly felt very happy. Before the wife seems not so good makeup for me. Seems to be right now she is the. Giggle. Changed clothes, this feeling should write down, because they wear formal suits and dresses for the first time, really happy. Wife now dressed up, head yarn is covered above. So touched, I took my wife's hand feels most happy when life is this time. Finally I was happy smiles (see photos I laugh that baby you know). Peng waiter helped us today's photographers, photography. Is a young man, very thin but it looks optimistic after a short conversation feel a lot relaxed. Just started today after the first photo, I look stiff, "husband faces enough-Oh! "Suddenly we all laughed. At this point I think I chose the right photographer. Later pictures are like water is running smoothly. Every now and then the photographer will be funny: "dude, where eyes? No peeking at his wife. Husband drips some saliva Oh ... ...
so we took four sets of Interior. Is the location of the left, it's going to rain, is really helpless, sit in the bridal shop to wait for a long time, and finally the rain has stopped for a while. At last we were on location. To XX (no memory to forget that place names) this place, Wow that Nice, all Western-style houses, looks really special. Everything was wet after the rain, of course, including air, ground. The car, every step of the way to help his wife with skirt, because it is too long, dragging the entire wet. Took around King, long hair is wet, wet air on the one hand and on the other hand because the hot, such a trouble, embarrassed. I remember when he was taken out, so after passers-by stopped to watch for a moment, and left. I'm sure they see much, because the area is likely to have a lot of people every day to take wedding pictures. This does not, in addition to our a, there are several in the film. Hehe, that I'm not afraid of ugly.

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